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Tire anti-dumping came this time is Brazil

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2018/09/28 20:10
  [Rubber Technology Network - Industry News]
  On July 27, 2018, the Brazilian investigation authority issued a notice announcing the launch of a second anti-dumping sunset review investigation on new passenger car radial tires imported from China. In this investigation, the applicant is the Brazilian National Tire Industry Association (ANIP). The association represents Brazilian tire manufacturers such as Goodyear, Bridgestone and Pirelli. The anti-dumping review period for this case is from January 2017 to December 2017, and the damage investigation period is from 2013 to 2017. According to the Brazilian investigation agency, considering the number of producers and exporters of the products under investigation, sampling will be taken during the sunset review, and some producers or exporters with the largest export volume will be selected as mandatory responding companies. The applicant initially alleged that the dumping margin of the products involved was 72.2%. It is reported that the applicant submitted a large number of opinions and considered that China is not a market economy country. Therefore, the investigation authority initially used the Taiwanese region as a substitute for the production cost calculation according to the method proposed by the applicant. Raw materials for tire production, such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, cord fabrics, etc., are subject to the import price in Taiwan, and other costs such as labor and electricity are also calculated based on local relevant data.
  According to Zhongyu Information Statistics, since 2001, nearly 20 countries around the world have nearly 20 counter-subsidy and anti-dumping investigations against China's sponsoring countries, including bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, construction machinery tires, and car tires.
  In recent years, the Brazilian government has imposed a total of two anti-dumping duties on China. In December 2013, Brazil imposed anti-dumping duties on motorcycle tires imported from China; in February 2014, Brazil imposed anti-dumping duties on bicycle tires imported from China.
  Zhongyu Information Analysis believes that anti-dumping aims to resist dumping and protect domestic industries. Although various countries have different anti-dumping duties according to their national conditions, the main purpose is to protect the multi-industry industry.
  And China's tire industry is facing anti-dumping why more defeat than less?
  First of all, some tire companies have a psychological hang, and there is a certain chance of survival. They believe that countries that launch anti-dumping are not within their own marketing scope and have little to do with themselves.
  Secondly, the tire product structure is single, the homogenization is serious, and the market competition is fierce. Most of them are price wars and large-scale survival.
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